this is the effort porting the classic DOS Descent leveleditor DEVIL written by Achim Stremplat to modern platforms like Linux or Windows. The graphics backend was ported to the LibSDL. There were no changes regarding the UI, it should feel (nearly) like the old DOS program.

Development follows a simple roadmap:

warning: this is an alpha version. It might crash even more than the original devil in it's current early developement state, but i'm working on it. If you really want to use it, save your work often and under different filenames. However in my test it worked quite well and I already created a few levels with it for testing/debugging purposes.

still confused? well, Descent is a 360 degrees action game developed in the early ninetees by Parallax Software. If you don't know it you really miss out :-) Check out one of the sourceports of the game, for example Zico's DXX-Rebirth

why? there are already leveleditors

yeah, there already are other leveleditors: Descent Mission Builder and it's successor DLE XP. But I got never familiar with these. Another reason is that I wanted to create levels under Linux. Afaik SDLDevil is currently the only editor running natively under Linux. However if you are completely new to Descent Level editing, you might find DEVIL much harder to learn than for example DLE-XP. So SDLDevil was written for oldskool diehards who are familiar with DEVIL :-)


known bugs

Found a bug? It would be cool if you drop me a line about it together with a way to reproduce it - and/or a gdb stacktrace. Check out Contact


win32 binaries



You can check for "v66r" on vaious Descent forums, that's me. Or you can write an email to sdldevil (ät)


Original DEVIL was written by Achim Stremplat and further developement done by Lars Christensen.

Descent is a trademark of Interplay Productions

Descent and Descent II are copyright (C) by Parallax Software Corporation

SDLDevil was written by Florian "v66r" Feucht